Everything you need to know about TH9

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Everything you need to know about TH9

                 TH9 = Town hall 9

The town hall level 9 is considered one of the longest hdv levels to improve. It’s also TH that players prefer and we often see them spending a lot of time on it, even when fully maxed out.

What makes the Th9 much longer to improve are the heroes! 30 levels for the queen and 20 levels for the king, all this requires a lot of black and also a lot of time, and this is also a problem for people who have little time to devote to the game.

However, this is where the game really starts to get taste! After the appearance of the famous queen of archers, we started to see the well-known AQH everywhere in the game. But there is also the appearance of new troops! Th9 has become much richer in terms of attack compositions!

Baby Dragon

After upgrading the barracks from level 10 to level 11, we unlock the baby dragon.

It’s a flying troop that can be upgraded to level 2 at this city hall level. The advantage of the baby dragon is that it becomes rabid alone!

In fact, it does twice as much damage by being isolated from flying troops (gargoyles, balloons, dragons …) on a small radius!


  1. Damage of the baby dragon at level 1 Unragged 75 damage per second and enraged 150 damage per second
  2. Damage of the baby dragon at level 2 Unragged 85 damage per second and enraged 170 damage per second
  3. Health points at level 1: 1200 +100 for level 2 which makes 1300 points of life
  4. Speed 2 when the rabid baby dragon
  5.  The improvement time at level 2 is 5 days
  6. The cost from level 1 to level 2 is 5,000,000 rose elixir
  7. Occupied space in camps: 10

Generally the baby dragon is added in the compositions to “clean” the sides of a village to let the troops enter the center of the village, because often, if the troops turn, the attack is missed, so on some compositions it is a “plus” which has an important role. On other compos, it is necessary and irreplaceable like:

  • The pekka walk: 4 Healers, 3 Pekkas, 8 baby dragon, 1 poison, 4 spells of rage, and in a castle of clans of bowlers + poison.

On this composition the dragon babies are really necessary, and the composition is really not played without them.

I put the video here to learn more about this composition, because I prefer to detail them in a new article.

The witch in TH9

We can also improve the black barracks from level 4 to level 5, allowing you to unlock the witch.

It is a very powerful troop and very used in TH9, which we can also improve up to level 2

What makes this troop so powerful are its small skeletons, each level 1 witch does 6 small skeletons, and each skeleton does 25 damage per second so 6 skeletons do 150 damage per second, and the witch generates skeletons each time on regular time intervals until it is killed.

  1. Damage per second: 100 +10 at level 2
  2. Health points: 300 + 20 for level 2
  3. Cost of training: 125 + 25 black elixir at level 2
  4. Skeletons summoned: 6 +2 at level 2
  5. Duration of training: 3 min
  6. Occupied space in camps: 12
  7. Targets: air + soil
  8. Duration of improvement to level 2: 6 days

In TH9 the role of the witch is very important: more than 65% of clash of clans players play as witches, because it is easy to perfect a base without even having developed a strategy on the village to attack, even if they are not hard to stratify unlike upper level villages…

Lava Hound in TH9

We can improve the black barracks twice in TH9: the first time from level 10 to level 11 is (we unlock witches), and the second time from level 11 to level 12 (we unlock lava hounds).

lava hound is a kind of aerial golem. It does not do much damage but it has a lot of life points and good tank to deploy the other troops. It targets air defenses to protect other air troops as much as possible. Once destroyed, it divides into smaller attackers. This is called “pop”.

The lava hound in TH9 plays a very important role in compos like the mobal composition which is very well known. It is true that it is a spam component, but it is effective for rush or farm and even in gdc, because very inexpensive but with a result generally very effective.

But very often, the aerial compositions with the lava hound are considered difficult to manage, because you have to know how to manage your attack, and a small error can cost a perf, like the AQH mobal or the goboumobal, compos little used in th9 except by the big clans who spend time training on all types of bases.

Once the component is under control, it does a lot of damage. By mastering such compositions, you make your clan a crazy spectacle

tip:  learn to master this composition which is really powerful. However, remember to anticipate the enemy cdc, because the presence of a dragon in it is very dangerous for your attack!


For the spells you unlock the jump spell and two black spells: the precipitation spell and the skeletal spell.
Let’s start with the jump spell.

It clearly replaces the seismic spell, and allows troops to jump walls without breaking them.

It is very important in the compositions.

The precipitation spell is a spell that is used especially in aerial compositions, because it allows troops to move faster.

The skeleton spell is a sport that generates small skeletons, often to hinder the tde mono or the defending queen.
Defenses in TH9

I will clearly give you my opinion.

I do not find that they take a long time to improve in th9, because it goes really fast, you will see that once you have finished improving the defenses you will still have some hero levels to climb, see a lot. For the walls, it is not long, and yet we improve twice the level of the walls.

In addition, they can be improved either with gold or with elixir.

The methods to follow in TH9

Are you perhaps looking for solutions to get the most out of your th9 faster? What if I can help you?

Yes I can help you, I have more than 5 Th9 max accounts, so I had the opportunity to explore all the facets.

Before passing Th9 make sure you have enough black in th8 to place the queen, then you put all the defenses, walls and new resources (like elixir storage). Once done, your priority is to max out your laboratory, to improve the troops and farm with; and above all, max the tanks.

I often do full goblins at the start of th9, and after, once queen 10/15, I do goblin Aqh with full rage for my aqh, in cdc take boules players, or an electro dragon. Try to be in Crystal 3 or Gold 1, which is clearly recommended for farm.

Make two attacks to four attacks a day.

It takes little time, but contributes to your development.

  1. Place all your buildings and traps.
  2. Improve the laboratory.
  3. Max out a troop (ex: goblin)
  4. Improve your reserves
  5. Improve your queen.
  6. Make a minimum of 4 attacks per day
  7. Try to stay between the gold league and the crystal league
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